Network of the Americas

Our Mission

To share our successes, challenges and practices toward creating a barrier-free life to people with deafblindness  throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America-Caribbean regions. 

Activities include conferences,  virtual meetings, facebook postings and special interests group exchanges


Membership is open to anyone who wishes to share in this mission. To join go to network membership


Marianne Riggio

Marianne Riggio, Chair

Network Leaders

Carolyn Monaco  

Gloria Rodriguez-Gil 

Christopher Montgomery 

Network Advisors

Christopher Russell:  New York Deafblind Project- U.S

Theresa Tancock: Canadian Deafblind Association, British Columbia – – Canada 

Julie A Maier: California Deafblind Services U.S.

Oriana Donoso Araya:  UMCE-Chile

Laura Brigadini Montero – Brazil (Representing Ibero Latin American Network)